When Queen notified Miriam Margolyes to «be silent,» she was «astounded.»

Miriam Margolye is well-known for her candor, but it at first when received her in distress with royal family.

The 82-year-old artist, who frequently uses swearwords and dirty jokes on television, was informed to ‘be silent’ by Elizabeth II herself.

Miriam insists she seemed to have no actual intent to be so loud, she was taken by surprise once the Queen told her to lower the volume.

‘It surprised me because I’ve never realized how unkind I was just being,’ Miriam explained. ‘I had been blathering on while she was speaking to someone else, and I was disrespectfully overturning that.’

‘But it wasn’t intentional — I wasn’t trying to be offensive,’ she proceeded to The Times.’I say what I consider and I do not even value how it emerges out.

Sometimes it arrives out in ways that people would find disturbing and provocative, and I apologize for that, and yet what I say is the reality.’ This is not the first period the tv host has mentioned meeting the late queen.

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