When shelter dogs first see blankets, they know exactly how to react

Every time a new group of pets arrives at rescue center, a special tradition starts. «They all receive their first comforters.»

It’s a special moment for the animals, who were all surrendered as adults by promotional pet stores.»The large percentage of them have lived in enclosures.» Katava explained.

«As a result, when they come across these blankets, they’re at a loss for what to do.» This group, which arrived at on August 3, had more healthcare problems than most new arrivals.

Some had skin problems, while others, like the brown yorkie were completely blind. Despite their differences, all of the dogs in the group had the same initial reaction to their welcome presents.

They sniffed their new pillows and gave them a brief glance. Their nervous responses, according to Katava, are fairly typical. «Many people do a lot of careful sniffing,» Katava explained.

«And some just confined onto them as if it were the best thing they’d ever seen… which it remarkably much is.»

Because of their generosity, every lovely dog who visits this center receives their 1st blanket. And, finally, they’ll be able to keep one for the rest of their lives.

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