When the runner turns around, she notices a flock of lost sheep following her

Eleanor was going through France with her sweetheart and was out for a climb all alone. As she was advancing along the path, she heard some sheep coming.

The sheep were following a lady who was out for a run.

«From the start, I thought perhaps she was a shepherd, however she wasn’t dressed like any shepherd I’d at any point seen, and it appeared to be uncommon that a shepherd would run.»

The sheep were clearly lost, and when they saw her run by, they chose to follow her. They required a pioneer, and they picked her.

«They promptly pursued her,» Scholz said. «The couple of sheep who had been looking at me as a potential new shepherd altered their perspectives when they saw their companions begin to leave — eventually the entire rush remained together and followed the sprinter off down the path.»

«I’d very much want to know the entire story, however I just got a concise look at her wild sheep experience and am cheerful just to have had the option to observe it.»

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