Which animals are prohibited from being owned in the UK? Can you keep tigers as pets?

On the off chance that you cherished the mind boggling Tiger King narrative on Netflix last year, you are in for a treat.

He’ll ask them for what reason they would need to possess such animals — and whether it is in the creatures’ wellbeing to do as such.

However, what are the standards in regards to keeping pet tiger in the UK? It against the law against the law to keep a wild creature in the United Kingdom as a pet without a permit.

Be that as it may, there are a few factors the nearby chamber will consider prior to conceding a proprietor a permit to keep a wild creature as a pet.

All proprietors should fulfill the committee’s necessities with regards to the creature’s wellbeing, the public’s security and the everyday environments wherein it would reside.

The Act expresses the ‘convenience which gets that the creature won’t escape, which is reasonable as respects development, size, temperature, lighting, waste and neatness and which is appropriate for the quantity of creatures proposed to be kept in the convenience’.

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