Why do birds do the brindle in autumn if they’re «drunk?»

Violent creatures that attack, crash to the ground, and act curiously are becoming increasingly popular. It’s difficult to believe, yet all of this is a result of inebriation or unhealthy behaviors.

Surprisingly, birds most frequently engage in such «fringales» during the spring. The main suspect is popular berries that get lost and turn into an origin of drinking.

The creatures are as obstinate as if they had discovered a grass with such a good choreography. They will return until they pass out of fruit.

It takes them less than 6 hours to come back to life. The consumption of brewed berries results in a loss of cooperation and odd behavior.

In these conditions, it is a challenge to sit and travel, and birds may even fall. The most false claim is that in freezing climates, birds can freeze for hours or become prey to wild animals.

How can we assist the birds in this condition? Bring it home or store it somewhere safe so that it is not eaten until the bird recovers.

Water and food can be given to the bird once it has recovered.

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