Why do individuals in Russia carry blankets to frozen monkeys?

Pre-winter is the time of the main virus. Not all creatures like a decrease in temperature, so they construct hot havens and keep warm every way under the sun.

Monkeys at the Kaliningrad Zoo, for instance, love to envelop themselves by covers. Staff requested the occupants from the city to deal with the orangutan family.

In nature, primates assemble extraordinary residences from leaves and branches, however at the zoo, they lean toward covers.

Individuals carry various covers to keep the creatures warm. They make them homes.

Monkeys in covers — what could be more lovely? Before a gift from a guest arrives at the primate, it is handled. Acknowledges fleece and wool covers, downy covers.

Most bring new things since they love creatures.

All bundles are first washed with powder, then shipped off the cooler, where the covers are put away for almost seven days at a temperature of short 18.

After sanitization, they at long last show up in the nooks.

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