Why does this fox believe he is a dog?

Tody, who was protected as a 4 month animal, has been raised as a homegrown pet by his owner Emma.

Presently 11 months old, Tody rests in a pet hotel, plays with Ms D’Sylva’s different canines Sky and Oakley, and takes strolls on a lead.

‘Tody has been hostage reared so he has never been in nature. ‘I’ve had him since he was around four months old since his past proprietors couldn’t care for him any longer.

‘I get individuals approaching me inquiring as to whether he is a fox and in the event that they can stroke him.

‘He is extremely perky with me. Animal will approach me swaying his tail when I go to take care of him and he will turn over to have his tummy tickled.

‘He will come into the house yet he has a reason constructed fenced in area and he very much wants being outside.’

She takes a considerable lot of her 41 creatures to schools and care homes so kids and the older can cooperate with them.

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