‘With my spousal party, I made Adele cry on stage — here’s how she enabled me to leave a marital relationship that no longer supported me.’

Consider making Adele cry up on the stage. Rebeca F. did just that while atending what can only characterized as a truly legendary ‘marital party.’

The Gramy-wining singer is preforming her Weekend nights With Adele showcases at Caesars Palace’s The Colosseum.

To suggest the displays have indeed been sentimental amusement rides would be an indication (it is, after all, Adele), but one supporter had an especially special moment with the vocalist.

Rebecca started attending the star’s concert with 12 friends after her relationship failed, instead of mope in her hurt, she decided to wear a ‘unmarried babe’ headpiece and belt and enjoy the moment of her life, starting to feel enhanced by the choice she made to move on from what no longer delivered her.

When the Hello hitmaker noticed the women in the audience, he was overcome and supplied a moving speech about the value of friendship in difficult times.

Adele, whose album 31 chronicles her divorce from former Simone Koneki in 2019, joked, ‘I know all about heartbreaks.’

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