Woman looks in passenger’s seat and is amazed to see a dog optical illusion

Meet Leonard, who is still trying to get used to his fast expanding body. Leonard’s mother said- «He’s all legs right now.» «He’s still determining out how they work.»

As of now, Leonard has mastered a few operations, such as snorkelling in Lake and strolling peacefully via dog-friendly large supermarkets with his mother.

But he’s still working on sitting nicely in a car.

But although Leonard has complete control of the passenger’s seat all through car rides, the lovely dog enjoys discovering other areas of the car.

He joyfully jumps into the driver’s seat if the car is parked and his seat belt is unclipped. Leonard enjoys waiting on all 4 and peering out the open roof when the car is moving.

«He’ll stick his head out, and all you’ll see are ears flapping in the wind,» Kenzie explained. Leonard is growing, which means he won’t be able to chest for much longer.

«I found a Scooby Mystery Equipment car sticker, so it’s now on the head of my car, while Leonard’s ears are out the door having fun,» Kenzie explained. «He’s a really personality.»

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