Woman mentions something but is unsure how to assist at first

Of over a 150 rescues under her strip, there is not much that Linda has not seen it all.

She’s used to caring for felines with medical conditions, but when she took in a neglected cat one evening, she realized something odd regarding him.

«He rolled around in a ball with his feet over his neck when I kept him.» «It’s like a small silver bug.»

Linda first realized about Thor after a Stranger named her for assistance after recognizing a sick cat lying in somebody’s yard.

«He was hungry, sleepy, and unable to stand,» Linda explained. «I didn’t think he’d be able to survive the night.»

But Linda was driven to assist Thor recover and find him a happy owner, so she helped the cat and returned him to the shelter.

«He only desires to be held and adored. I’m not certain what happened to him and his history, or why anybody really decided to throw him away, but I simply want to put things right for him.»

There are questions left unanswered about Thor’s health, but one thing is certain: he has finally found the happy home he needs.

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