Woman notices a furry ‘Pile’ in the highway and realizes what she should do

Natalie and her partner were heading home and they noticed what appeared to be a big bunch of fur in the middle of the road through the fog.

As she got closer, she noticed them: three babies stranded on the street. «My partner mistook them for a bunch of trash or something!»

When Natalie put the blocks together, she realized she had seen their mother flee an oncoming vehicle. The babies, who were far too young to realize what to do, had merely ran and hid in the road.

They were now alone, with their scared mother observing from the local bushes. Natalie decided to assist them in returning to security and began trying to point the babies in the correct direction.

Natalie stood by, leading them to their aunt, making sure they all knew where to go.»I stayed by the car until the mother came out, and all 3 babies ran off the road next to each other,» Natalie explained.

«I waited a few minutes longer to ensure sure they didn’t run back down the road.»

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