Woman notices two black eyes in the bush and hurried to assist

Jamie Anderson was leaving her house one evening when she noticed something gazing out from under her post box in the woods.

Anderson noticed a pair of kind, black eyes gazing up at her upon careful inspection. A large, white dog had been abandoned and required assistance.

Anderson knew exactly what she needed to do. «My heart took over when I realized he was in dire need of asisstance,» Anderson said.

She recorded a video of the dog and shared it on a community page, asking if anybody had lost their animal. She then hurried home to get both water and food for the pup while she postponed responses to her post.

Many people had noticed the dog around city, but no one realized where he stayed. He seemed to to have no place to live.

Anderson wasn’t sure she had the time or the funds to care for the next pet but she took a chance.

Anderson is really not sure whether she’ll officially adopt the dog, but she’s having a great time learning everything she can regarding him.

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