You’ll be surprised by little dog’s reaction after seeing his best friend for the first time in two years

Coconut was a dog and 7 years ago when his sister, Ayesha left for college, he can’t say when he’d see her again. Each day seemed a year.

Coconut couldn’t stop kissing Ayesha when she returned home from college a few months later on break.

While she was in school, Ayesha visited her family’s home in Thailand on a regular basis.

«Whether I’ve been away for a week or months, each reunion is just as exciting as the last.»

«However, I never left for more than 4-6 months each time.»

Until 2020, once travel bans were implemented around the world, Ayesha had been in Canada for over two years before being able to fly home.

«I honestly thought Coconut had forgotten me.» «I’d never been away for so long before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

«Coconut recognized Ayesha’s voice immediately when she spoke. «I called him, and he went crazy,» Ayesha explained.

«He began crying and really couldn’t stop leaping all over me to cuddle me!» Coconut and Ayesha are now catching up on their lost time by doing all of their best hobbies together, such as walking and hugging.

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