You’ll be surprised to learn how a dog used to assist his family

Oliver is a dachshund who lives in Toronto, Canada with his assenting mother Jessica.

A couple of days prior during this season of isolation because of Covid-19, he was gotten by a neighbor of his mom, Long, bringing food.

Long observed Oliver walking home with a special fast food delivery for his family as he strolled to the neighborhood grocery shop.

Long was taken aback when he saw the tiny boy, and he couldn’t help himself from capturing the amusing scene.

Albeit in the video it appears to be that Oliver is strolling alone on the walkway conveying the food in his mouth; his mom strolled a couple of steps from him.

It appears as though they went out for supper together, however the little man needed to ensure he brought everything home himself.

Nothing compares to our beloved pets showing us their unconditional love and loyalty during these terrible times when we must keep secure at home.

Oliver has a younger sibling named Bridgette whom he reveres with his entire being, and along with her, they make the quarantine days more joyful and more tolerable for Jessica.

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