A camera captures an 8-foot alligator with something extraordinary in her mouth

Alligators spend a long time establishing nests for their children, looking forward to receiving the day their eggs.

Researchers have been watching one mom alligator in unique over the last few months. All of their efforts rewarded off when they recently inspected their cameras and discovered her with something in her lips.

They discovered she was holding her newborns in a very cute embrace. The mother alligator knew she had to move her babies closer to the water when she heard them calling.

She thoughtfully took them in her mouth and placed them on the coast. «It is very frequent for a mom alligator to dive deeper the eggs out of the nest and transfer them to the water,» says the researcher.

Despite the fact that this is typical pattern, researchers were ecstatic to have captured the event on camera.

This mom alligator will spend the winter with her newborns before releasing them in the spring, summer, and fall. However, the children will spend the winters with their mom for at least 3 years.

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