A man turned a room into a shelter for stray cats

An American named Walter Santi keeps a blog on YouTube where he distributes recordings of his pets.

He has many pets, yet the most fascinating thing is that man has long dealt with nine homeless felines, who then got comfortable his yard.

He as of late set up an undeniable room in his home for themselves and recorded the response of fur animals when they originally entered it.

Felines strolled uninhibitedly in the man’s yard and he and his significant other took care of them, yet they were never permitted to go into the house up to this point.

The man turned out to be so joined to these felines that he chose to furnish them with an entire room in the house where they could emerge out of the road securely and rest whenever.

The zenith of the occasion was reached when the legends of the event previously entered their new chateau.

Family shot their response. The little cats were inquisitive to each edge of their room, sniffed everything in it, climbed each corner. They immediately took the hand and began going to the new house to rest and heat up.

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