A stray dog appears on the verandah of a family and requests to be rescued

Not all abandoned dog ends up at the front door of his rescuer. Brad was incredibly lucky.

Brad surprised a family one recent sunday when he was found snuggled up on their patio, napping. The family jumped in to help as soon as they noticed the dog on their porch.

«They love animals and were unwilling to turn him away,» So they called to rescue center.When they arrived, she was amazed by how calm the dog was, especially given that he was lonely.

They picked the dog up. The dog, who weighed approximately 17 pounds at the time of his rescue, had no concerns to being carried by a foreigner. It was almost as if Brad knew she was there to assist him.

Brad is still in foster care, where he is getting attention from a family that he has always earned.

According to his foster family’s Facebook comment, when the puppy isn’t cuddling and engaging in toys, he’s usually trying to welcome everybody he sees on his walks.

Brad’s shelter workers is positive that he will be adopted shortly and will have a forever home.

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