A tiny stuck kitten sees a firefighter who has come to save him and immediately falls in love with him

One evening while checking internet, Tyso came over a post about a cat who had fallen into a storm drain. He has a big heart for animals, so he quickly messaged the poster to see if he can really help.

Tyson had little knowledge of cats and asked for advice from his best friend.

The feline was initially fearful, but once he realized he was finally free and that everyone around him was safe, he started to relax.

Katie had already planned to adopt the feline once he was set free, which Tyson fully supported.

He told her that if times change, he might be ready to adopt the little guy — and then he got the phone call just few days ago.

The arrangement wasn’t actually working out for Katie so Tyson became the little guy’s legal father.

Tyson decided to name the kitten Walnut because he was found on Walnut Street. He’s now accepted into his new place, and his new family is overjoyed with how all turned out.

Walnut knew Hod was meant to be his father from the point in time he rescued him, and the 2 are now compelled to be best friends.

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