A woman arrived at the rescue center looking for two kittens, but she left with three. Why? Let’s find out together

5 kittens found on the street were picked up by a family from Indiana. Not to leave them, but to keep them from freezing and starving.

One of the kittens was badly wounded, but kind people quickly helped him recover. The kittens were taken to a shelter where they were cared for by professionals.

The shelter staff immediately noticed that the three kittens were very friendly and inseparable, even looking alike, while the fourth dark cat preferred solitude and was uninterested in his brothers.

Later, that one, found an owner fast.There were concerns with the 3 white kittens because the shelter employees valued their friendship and mutual commitment and did not want to detach them.

However, finding someone to welcome the three kittens proved difficult. And, of course, the right person was not found for a long period of time.

Helen, a woman, came to the shelter one day. She desired to take two kittens. Helen spotted a pair of whites (the third ran away) and desired to take them.

But when she was given the story of the baby animals and that they had a brother or sister, she was so moved by their friendship that she took all three.They all find a home and are very happy.

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