After 5 years of searching, the dog immediately relaxes in the arms of his family

When Anie, owner of Dog Animal Shelter, received a call about a lost dog, she assumed it was just a local stray.

Anie was unaware that this dog had been taken from her family and had attempted to return home for five years.

The staff scanned the dog in safety at the shelter for a microchip, but the information they found was out-of-date.They feared it might lead nowhere.

The puppy was not a nameless stray, he had a name and her family had been looking for Dingo for five years.

Later on Anie called Dingoe’s family and told them the incredible news: their lovely friend had returned and was waiting for them.

They were so suprised to hear the news because he had spent a lot of time missing his dog.

Dingo’s family wasn’t sure if the dog would recognize them after such a long time, but it quickly became clear that she did.

«It was emotional for all of us,» they said. We were almost certainly all in tears.

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