An EMT adopts a heartbroken dog he meets on his way to the hospital

Sammy adored her father more than anyone.

Fortunately, two caring EMTs in Post Worth, moved forward to help — and it changed each of their lives to improve things.

«I saw the pup snuggled up close to the patient, so I got her.» «The pup was crying in my arms.»

Sliva and Kirk, found that Sammy had no place to go, with the exception of a shelter, and they couldn’t let that be her destiny, so they took her in. «We took her to the rescue vehicle»- Sliva said.

Kirk’s sweetheart watched Sammy until he completed work. Be that as it may, before the night’s over, Sammy had tracked down her new family.

«She is currently Kirk’s canine and has an elder sibling named Kaley,» Sliva said. «She is exceptionally energetic and loves to run with her. The cute one is adoring life.»

The recollections of her father will continuously be a piece of Sammy’s life, however for the present, she’s getting another opportunity with new recollections to be made.

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