Dog enjoys leaving his sheep toy in front of the dog camera

One of Loci’s favorite things on earth, like his nickname, is to make trouble.

Loci’s family recently left the house and went to a coffee store down the street as a test run for leaving her alone.

They installed a dog camera to keep a close eye on him, and Teo checked her mobile every few seconds to see how he was doing.

All seemed to be going swimmingly until Loci’s playful side took over.»I tried to put my camera away a little longer and longer, then I picked it up and saw the toy,» Teo explained.

Loci had placed one of his favorite toys directly in front of the camera, so his family couldn’t see him.

His parents were surprised, and while they were concerned about not being able to see him, they couldn’t help but laugh.»I fastly ended my cappuccino and ran home to see what he was up to,» Teo explained.

«I also turned up the volume on my phone to 100 to keep an eye on what was going on at home.» When we arrived, he welcomed us at the door, as if nothing had happened.»

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