Every night, the Baby Cam captures the dog coming to check on his baby brother

Encounter Jax and Ludon, who are practically twins. In fact, they haven’t spent a single day apart.

«Jax has never known life without Ludon.» «They’ve been indispensable since the early stages.»

Jax and Ludon are typically found playing games or heading on small journeys during the day. If one of them is, the other must be nearby.

But when night comes and it’s time for bed Jax and Ludo’s bond becomes even brighter. Jax moved to a separate bedroom when he was old enough to sleep soundly by himself.

Laya decided to install a nanny recorder to keep an eye on him. Though she realized quickly she wasn’t the only person.

The video caught Ludon walking into Jax’s room all through the night to ensure his best — loved little boy was comfortable and safe.

«It’s wonderful to see their bond,» Laya said. Each night, he does it.Jax is in capable hands. His relationship with Ludon will undoubtedly last a long life.

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