Every year, a grateful penguin swims nearly 10,000 kilometers to thank the person who saved his life

A creature sails to radiant Brazil to offer thanks to Joa. All things considered, it was in this country that the one who saved his life.

Joao is 69 years of age and he works with a bricklayer in a little town close to Rio and he found him a decade prior when Jinjin was lying close to the ocean. The creature hit the oil stain and an oil from fuel coated his fur.

Nothing appeared to be able to save her, and the bird’s end is near.. However, Joao brought the penguin back home and started to clean the plumes from endlessly oil film.

A couple of days after the fact, he needed to deliver the penguin, yet the child turned out to be so joined to Joao that he would even not liked to leave.

He lived with a person for nearly 12 months, after he changed his quills, he vanished suddenly.

The penguin after three months returned. He cruised to the boat on which his deliverer, headed back home and remained with him again for a long period.

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