Fantastic! A Russian family hosted a real bear in their home while planning a group photo shoot

A Russian family protected a genuine bear at home and coordinated a joint photograph shoot.

The narrative of this bear started when it was a couple of months old.

Individuals thought that he is in the timberland, alone and exceptionally powerless, without a mother. It worked out that his mom, for reasons unknown, couldn’t get by in the backwoods.

A Russian family named Svetlana and Yuri Panteleevs chose to shield this bear in their home. They began dealing with him, furnished him with food, took care and gave all that a little bear needs.

Subsequently, the Panteleev family had the option to raise this bear to another size. The bear, thus, turned out to be so connected to Svetlana and Yuri that he stayed residing in their home.

A bear eats as much as 26 kilograms of food daily, and a bear’s eating regimen can incorporate eggs, fish and even vegetables, and substantially more scrumptious for a homegrown bear.

The Panteleev themselves are difficult individuals — they are mentors and completely see wild creatures. Also, the bear impeccably comprehends its proprietors and treats them with «affection».

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