Gwen Stefani may be rich and powerful, but she decorated her toilet with tabloid covers

Gwen Stefani has disclosed that she covered one of the restrooms in her and Blake Shelton’s mega dollar mansion with gossip rags.

Gwen, 54, is no stranger to the edgy look aspect of life, and when asked about the move, she and Blake, 47, assumed it was ‘entertaining’.

Gwen and Blake bought their spacious Oklahoma farm last year, and her choice to wrap the restroom ‘wall to ceiling’ including front pages will no longer convinced keep guests entertained while they alleviate themselves.

The Tishomigo estate was specially constructed when the A-list family moves in in 2020, reported the New York Post.

The estate is nearly 1,500 acres in size, as evidenced by pictures posted by the outlet.

The massive home, known as the Ten Point Ranch, was put on the market in 2018, and Blake also owns a near the area bar and store. Oh, the lives of the other half.

Gwen and Blake’s quirky bathroom comes after the aforementioned revealed a 2023 UK tour, including stops at Leeds’ Harewod House, Chestr’s Bolesworth Castle, and Hampshie’s Brodlands Estate.

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