In a heathy Christmas video, Dwayne Johnson amazes his daughters with lab animals and presents

Dwayne Johnson outdid us all by surprising his girls with guinea pigs for Xmas.

The Black Adam performer shared a cute shot of his children, Jasmine and Tiana, with wife Lauren Hashian, making eye contact on their recent faces, as well as a hill of many other gifts.

They were seen running to confirm out their presents in the short video prior to actually allowing out energized yells when they noticed the pets.

‘Hope everyone and their families had a good Holiday,’ the 51-year-old wrote alongside the posting.

‘This year, I began a new habit of waking up at 5 a.m. (irrespective of what moment I went to sleep — that was 1 a.m.), showering, getting clothed, and being down in the basement waiting for the small storms to wake up and appearing down and ruin all.

‘I live for these moments of happiness and Xmas fantasy as a father.

‘Hey Santa, thanks for all of the interesting stuff you left for my kids, big man.

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