Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson’s relationship time frame after the actress uncovers she’s pregnant on Saturday Night Live

Keke confirmed on Friday Night Live that she is awaiting her first baby with Jackson.

Primarily known for keeping secret information of her things private, the 28-year-old stunned everybody when she disclosed her baby bump on the chat show, confirming online speculations that she was pregnant.

Little is known about the actor’s partner, and based on her shuttered lips and his private internet accounts, it appears that this will remain the case for the near future.

The scant available information was discovered on his LinkedIn profile, which proved he participated in trying to act in alongside his duties as a fitness trainer.

Fans have previously seen glimpses of the pair on Keke’s Instagram and in TikTok comedy sketches, but the star’s fiance — and soon-to-be baby daddy — is retained out of the spotlight.

This far, the following is known about their relationship timeframe…Darus appeared to make things Insta. mandatory just a short time after having met when he authored an adorable celebrity post in honor of the Nope artist.

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