Let’s take a look at who the best buddy of a small girl is

Katy adores horses so much that he can’t imagine living without them, and he even brings them into his room.

The girl and her mare have known each other since they were children, and they do practically everything together.

Jerssy and the small girl spend a lot of time together during the day, and even her mother lets them hang out inside on occasion. Of course, there are some ground rules, such as Jerssy’s inability to leave the living room.

Katy and Jerssy have breached the rules on a few occasions, despite their mother’s rules.

When Ashly was busy, she realized she hadn’t seen Jerssy or Katy. After a brief search for her, she discovered that they were having a small party in the little girl’s room, which was completely hidden from her.

The girl wanted to spend some time with her best friend in her room and display her favorite toys, so she sneaked into her room to avoid being detected and enjoy some quality time together.

Jerssy adores her tiny pal, and the two will undoubtedly continue to find adorable and entertaining ways to spend time together in unusual settings.

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