Looking at the photos, it was obvious that the dog had an amazing and hilarious birthday

Odi is a little dog with short legs, small ears and a short tail who always wags when he is happy, and he doesn’t mind expressing his emotion.

Odi lives in Mexico since he was adopted three years ago; he has filled his sweet home with love.

Every day he shows them all his affection, as if he wanted to let them know that adopting him was the best decision they could have made in their lives.

Odi’s birthday was approaching, so the family decided to do something very special to celebrate it and make the puppy happy.

So, earlier this month, the family began preparations to throw him a surprise party with all the ingredients and show him how much they love him.

When the day of the celebration finally arrived, Odi was really surprised and above all moved because they had remembered his birthday.

Before they revealed the surprise to Odi, they had put up a lot of decorations and ordered a dog cake, everything was perfect.

Then they revealed the surprise to their beloved Odi, and his reaction moved his entire family, in truth he was too excited with what he had seen.

Odin will continue to show his love for his family every day, and they will take care of celebrating his birthday every year.

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