Lovely creature is obsessed with stealing her mother’s pumpkin

Some time back, Alison got back from the supermarket with a pumpkin she planned on transforming into soup.

Her canines Lilly and Max rushed to welcome her, however when they saw the orange squash, they became mesmerized by it.

«I put down the pumpkin and their demeanor was magnificent in light of the fact that they had never seen a pumpkin.»

Lewis took out her telephone to record her canines’ entertaining responses, yet the second she turned her back, Lilly took the pumpkin.

«She thought it was a ball,» Lewis said. «She was running all over with it, licking it, and she was persuaded it was hers.»

Lilly moved the pumpkin around the yard, swaying her tail until Lewis grabbed the pumpkin back. She was unable to fault Lilly for being keen on the round squash, since it seemed to be a ball — Lilly’s number one toy.

Lewis brought the pumpkin back inside, and to Lilly’s mistake, cut it down the middle and broiled it for her soup.

Yet, Lilly doesn’t have to stress. As Halloween drew closer, Lewis anticipated purchasing a lot of pumpkins for herself — and her canines.

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