Lovely dog «Regrets Ruining» his mother’s halloween decorations

Barry still doesn’t realize how big he is. The big dog thinks he’s a puppy, which can get him into difficulties.

«Barry’s neighbor said «He’s very cute, but he’s always in your eyes.» He just wished to chomp down on you and sit on your lap.»

Hofer was at Barry’s family’s house last year when the big dog came out to say hello. Barry’s owner had just finished decorating her patio for Halloween, which included folding a large cobweb across the front.

«We were resting there talking, and all I could see was him sticking his face into the cobweb,» Hofer explained.

«And he just kept walking and pushing in it.» ‘Oh Jesus, what is this dog going to do?’ I thought as I picked up my camera.»

«His entire face gets stuck in it, and he just keeps smiling through and trying to unravel himself,» Hofer explained.

Barry subsequently released himself from the internet, leaving it in pieces on the ground. «Great Danes are ver lovely t, but they aren’t known for their intellect,» Hofer explained.

Barry’s mother has forgiven him for ruining her Halloween decor because it gave her a good, long chuckle.

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