Mom’s scrunch is found by a little dog

Sugar has consistently had an extremely energetic character, but on the other hand she’s really free and appreciates playing all alone.

She knows precisely the way that she needs to get things done and doesn’t require others reaching out and wrecking it.

At some point, Pope was blow-drying her hair in the restroom and had the base cabinet open so she could get to all her hair adornments.

Sugar looked her head into the cabinet and snatched a scrunchie. All things considered, it was only a scrunchie. How might she at some point truly manage it?

Much to her dismay, that scrunchie was going to prompt the development of Sugar’s number one game in the entire world.

That’s what sugar found assuming she pushed down on the scrunchie with her paws and pushed up with her nose, it would send the scrunchie flying.

She could then pursue the scrunchie, get it and do everything over once more. It’s actually very amazing that she sorted it out, and presently it’s the main game she’ll play.

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