Nearly everyday, the sweet little lamb requests hugs from her rescuer

Encounter Onyx, a sweet animal.. But with a little care and patience, Onyx proceeded from staying alive to succeeding.

Onyx now has a cute way of thanking everybody who helped rescue her. «Onyx was very weak when she showed up.»

Following a thorough vet examination, they decided that little Onyx’s growth had been slowed down and she had never known love and kindness.

And it would take time for her to trust the people who were taking care for. Onyx now realizes how much everybody loves her because her rescuers kept trying.

Onyx now continues to spend her foster parents with the sweetest snuggles and kisses after understanding to trust them.

Little Onyx enjoys hearing such calming tones and blissfully closes her eyes as her sweet mouth searches for the source of those words.

And, yes, it melts the hearts of everyone who witnesses this bond.

Onyx has made significant progress in her recovery and is continuing to live her best possible life at the shelter. The sweet little lamb now knows only gratefulness, coziness, and love — exactly what she needs.

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