Nick Cannon posts a photo from his hospital bed as he battles pneumonia: ‘I suppose I’m not Superman.’

Nick Cannon has disclosed that he has been hospitalized with pneumonia, but he insists it was nothing he didn’t expect.

The 43-year-old star, who disclosed in 2013 that he had lupus, posted a pic from his hospital, wearing a mask.

The star, who revealed he was isolated in a small hospital,’ said he’ll be home to his greatest after some’solid rest’.

‘Okay, so I suppose I’m not Superman…’ Nick, who is awaiting his 12th child, wrote in the caption. I convinced myself I would never return to this place…

‘However, this is a valuable lesson in taking care of yourself because you won’t be ready to take care of others.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.The crazy thing is, we were just jamming a marketed out mass of people at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of people last night, and now I’m isolated in a the little hospital.

‘Life is unquestionably a roller — coaster! ’

Famous friends mobilised all around entertainer, with DJ Jazzy Jeff commenting: ‘Man do not even play with all of that… ‘Forwarding you positive vibes, my brother!!!’

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