Once, a forester saved the life of a wolf, and the wolf returned the favor

In winter, forester Ivan strolled around his ranger service, making a diversion.

Furthermore, out of nowhere, close to the way, he went over a little chunk of dim variety lying unmoving out and about. He ended up being a wolf.

The forester didn’t have the foggiest idea how the creature arrived.

Ivan failed to really see how the whelp arrived without his mom and saw as nothing better than to bring him back home.

The wolf became companions with his canines and went around the yards with them. Furthermore, when the man called the wolf, he responded to his name and ran up.

Dark and Ivan turned out to be old buddies and consistently made a joint visit through the timberland.

What’s more, some way or another Dark vanished. The forester was searching for him wherever to no end. The following year came and by winter Ivan was making his standard round and out of nowhere four wolves emerged to meet.

He figured out without a doubt that it was his Dim, let go of the firearm and called by name. Now it was time for wolf to save his friend life.

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