Rihanna’s incredibly cute first TikTok presenting her baby boy does seem to have fans going crazy

The Umbrella music star gave her first child with companion Rocky previously this year and lately managed to keep her childbirth and son private.

But, in her initial TikTok post, the 35-year-old distributed an amazing video of her 6 son in his child seat.

Her son, whose name has yet to be named, attempts to grab the webcam with his incredibly cute palms after slyly smiling at the screen and trying to pull funny noises.

‘Attempting to get mum’s phone,’ she chirps.He sighs and sits in his child seat, looking out the window, prepared for a snooze around one point during the video.

Fans have already been spilling and babbling over the amazing video, including one text, ‘Rihanna’s baby is so adorable wow,’ and the other, ‘We all beginning to experience this at the exact time probably?

He’s priceless.’ ‘He’s so cute! Looks very much like his mother,’ somebody else wrote with some other commenter:

‘Our niece and nephew so adorable y’all’. The incredibly cute first image comes after Singer disclosed some information about parenthood.

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