See the emotional reunion of a lost dog with her family

When animal Rescue employees responded to a request on June 14 about a dog found close to a highway, they assumed she’d run away due to the evening before’s fireworks.

People had no clue they’d be faced with a dog who had been listed on their «lost» deck for over a 30 days.

A couple of Rescuers viewing a community firework show the night before had seen dark spot of an animal run all over their vehicle, then hide under there. Thomas, one of the Rescuers said, «We considered she was a fox.»

They soon discovered the animal was a dog, and they could tell by her face that she needed assistance.

The pup initially declined to emerge from from under the car. But the pair remained, and the dog finally dashed out and lept directly into their car through the passenger side door, secure and sound.

They took her in for the night, giving her food and water. Workers confirmed dog’s identity by checking her for a microchip before calling her mother to inform her of the great news.

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