The Argentine dog is prohibited in ten countries and is not afraid of lions

This breed is illegal in many countries. A significant dog who isn’t even afraid of lions. Argentina is the breed’s origin country.

The dog can live up to 17 years, is seventy cm tall. This dog was significant demand to protect the area from animals that could travel from the wilderness to a farm.

Furthermore, the weight classification is irrelevant when matched up against a lion.

Breeders had to ensure that the good qualities were integrated into the crossings of several breeds involved in procreation.

The goal was to maintain controllable anger while also being kind to humans and having excellent hunting abilities.

The task has been completed completely. Despite his intimidating nature as a protector and defender, the dog is incredibly friendly.

It has a beautiful and classy appearance, but it is difficult to train. It takes time and effort to socialize a dog.

Argentines are content with modest living conditions because they are not too much demanding in terms of care. They would fare much better in a private house with a large courtyard.

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