The family was surprised when they discovered their ‘dog’ was actually not a dog 

While you bring back another pet, you never know without a doubt the thing you will get.

Will they get comfortable right away — or be truly modest? Will they be quiet and loving — or volatile and ready to go?

Be that as it may, one thing you can typically be sure of is the species.

To this end one family were shocked to find that their new pet ‘canine’ was really a fox — and was bringing a wide range of hardship in their neighborhood.

The family were dumbfounded regarding the creature’s real essence until he began to pursue their neighbor’s animals.

Maribel says: ‘My child went out to shop since he needed a pet — and he seemed to be a little canine, yet he grew up and was unique. I have had him for over 90 days.

‘From the outset, I played with the canine and the issue was a fortnight back when he started to pursue guinea pigs and ducks.’

She has likewise asked experts for help and to return the fox to its normal propensity whenever he is found.

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