These pit bulls wear fancy outfits and fear kittens: Four images of the Tail Brothers

While pit bulls are viewed as the most risky canines, the followed siblings Oso and Koa fear little cats and rest in a hug. Canines get to know one another and love pretty outfits.

From the get go, Oso was the just pesel in the family. At the point when he was 10 months old, a dark pup showed up in the house.

The more seasoned sibling started to instruct the youngster and show him the principal orders: how to ask for a treat and be a decent kid. Presently, the followed siblings can’t envision their lives without one another.

Consistently, followed creatures stroll in the city for essentially a couple of hours. Most importantly, pit bulls love to play with a ball on the field.

Regardless of the way that Koa doesn’t necessarily figure out how to get him with his gag.

Canines immediately turned into the top picks, everything being equal. Some particularly convey candy with them in their pockets to treat their positioned companions.

Simply check these charming countenances: the fantastic siblings generally rest together out.

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