This store’s employees have given up on preventing Steven, the seagull, from stealing French fries

This seagull named Steven «the Seagull», has been seen on different occasions entering a nearby store.

This specific seagull is by all accounts drawn to food, and has taken all that from sandwiches to exquisite bites, everything demonstrates that nothing is protected when Steven’s pinnacle moves toward the store.

The seagull is currently a typical visitor in the store, and the two workers and purchasers are exceptionally mindful of quill burglaries and without a doubt appreciate seeing it in real life.

A lady who does her shopping in the store says that she had likewise seen Steven taken off with a pack of Doritos and afterward share the plunder with one more bird on the rooftop.

Seagulls are warmly called «Rodents with wings» and we should not fail to remember that they are important for our current circumstance, similar to some other types of bird.

There is no question that these nervy birds will keep on engaging many individuals, and impart a little trepidation in a couple, however truly numerous netizens are as yet anxious to study the experiences of «Steven Seagull».

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