Throughout daily brushing, a dramatic cat gives an award-winning performance

Meet cat who enjoys giving a show. In fact, he succeeds at drama, particularly when it earns him more attention than his brothers and sisters.

Scott’s mother recently tried to brush him, as she does each day, and his reaction was whatever it is that award-winning actors look up to.

Scott was always a loud and desperate cat when we initially met him. He’s very emotional, needy, and occasionally a drama queen, always desiring attention, and very loud.»

If Scott detects a problem, he will instantly hug his mother for coziness. Scott , in fact, will do anything to get a cuddle from Mother, even if he isn’t really angry or afraid.

«We presented Scott into her life, only to discover that she disliked his a need attention,» Alfie explained.

«Scott attempted to interact and play with Zoe, only to realize that he was invading her space.»

His character is similar to that of a dog. He enjoys encountering new individuals and is filled with love.»

«Since we have 3 rescue cats, it is easier for us to help those certain rescue animals.» We surely believe that this new way of thinking and living has made us nicer person.»

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