When the dog sees her parents with sword, she requires to play as well

Berry’s parents have been trying to make TikTok clips, and one of their favorite parts to include is phase combat.

As a result, Berry has spent her entire life observing them and one day she decided she wished to join in. The pair was making a new clip in a field when Berry noticed a big stick close and grabbed it.

«She decided to pick up the stick and started chasing me down, flapping the stick around as if it were her own knife.»

» Finally, fell to the ground significantly after she touched me with her stick.» «Berry dropped her stick to pick up the sword and escape.» Kimbo said.

«She’d studied all of that by observing us, so we later gave her the sword she’d taken away from me to use as her own.»

«We frequently play with her sword once or two times a week,» Kimbo said. It’s unexpected for a dog’s main passion to be phase combat, but it just appears to be working for Berry.

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