Williams hears voices from the shore and ends up saving a life

Martin Williams was rowing through the blue waters of Weymouth Port in the U.k. when he was jolted by the stressed screams of a group of individuals on coast, alerting him to difficulties.

Shortly after, he noticed a waterbirds struggling inside a complicated fishing line near the bottom of a nearby seawall.

Williams knew exactly what he needed to do. «I walked up to it and picked it out of the water and into my kayak.» Williams carefully grasped the scared bird’s head and began working.

Williams removed a claw from the cormorant’s foot by gently unraveling the fishing line.

The grateful bird took flight, finally free.

«Everyone praised as the bird flew away immediately,» Williams said.Williams is grateful he was in the water that day and was able to rescue the bird, which he previously considered would not survive.

«It was amazing to watch it take flight, and I hope to see it many more times this autumn while boating,» Williams said. «Hopefully under better conditions!»

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