With an unique appearance cat seeking a family who will love him just the way he is

Ben arrived at the Animal Society in May. He was incredibly worried, but everybody immediately fell in love with him because of his exceptional eyes and facial appearance.

Ben has exceeded eyes and an endlessly sad expression, but neither seem to bother him. It has the the only effect of making him unbelievably adorable to everybody who notices him.

People may believe that Ben’s eyes will prevent him from being adopted, but this is not the case. When potential adopters see his adorable face, they are immediately drawn to him.

Sadly, he’s not as cuddly or outgoing as people expect him to be right away, and he’s been expecting for over a year for somebody to make a move on him.

Surely, once he’s settled into his new place, he’ll be calmer and come out of his «capsule».

Yet even with his sad expression, Ben truly wants to find a family he can love forever, and his shelter friends will not stop looking until they find him his suitable candidate.

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