Woman discovers entire dog family ‘Thrown Away’ in waste and assists in giving them new beginning

A woman was going back after work when she saw something heartbreaking. 2 stray dogs had popped up and made their home among the rubbish and old mats.

The Stranger quickly contacted a local rescue for assistance, but when they arrived, there were far more dogs than they had expected.

«We ended up going the following day to evaluate and set traps because they didn’t believr us.» «We immediately caught the mother dog, as well as a young female dog.»

Garcia understood, however, that Mother and pup weren’t the only dogs in need. Mother, Father, 3 daughters were all waiting for assistance.

«We were able to catch up to Grandmother, but she got sick of running and gave it up,» Garcia explained.

The rescuers spent the whole day attempting to capture quarter of the dog family before deciding to set traps for the sundown.

Everything was looking up by Friday morning. «I left the area to rejoin the dog with her mother and father, as well as the other members of the family,» Garcia explained.

Even after all, this wonderful family has already been through, they have stayed strong — together. That is true love.

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