Woman photographs bird and discovers she has captured the craziest optical illusion

Sliver knew she had to take photos when a flock of Eastern curlews landed on the beach at Shellfish Point in Melbourne.

Because these large shorebirds are extinct in the wild, having the opportunity to observe and photograph them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially since they are only present for a few days or weeks of the year.

In general taking photos was a bit difficult. Sliver gave it her all, crossing her fingers that she’d gotten some few quality pictures.

As she browsed through the images, she was pleased to see that the most of of them were surprisingly good — until she came across one that told a completely another.

«Approx 40 to 70 birds were landing, and I just took so many photos, and when I checked the images, I thought, ‘Wow,'» Sliver explained.

It appears that another bird must have either came to rest or was getting passed through behind the bird in the image, and Sliver had taken the picture when the 2nd bird was beautifully lined up behind the first, with only his mouthparts visible.

Silver couldn’t stop smiling when she saw it.

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