A journalist and her four puppies make an unusual family

This columnist, Tio Begoidze, has inhabited home with four four-legged companions for quite a long time and thinks of them as steadfast companions of the family.

They are full individuals and portions of our general public and our lives. At the point when she returns home from work, her four canines are glad to such an extent that assuming that something happens that day, she forgets briefly.

Creatures and people help and complete one another in this life. It’s been 6 years, she has 4 canines at home and they are her relatives. The most established is the bar she took in one of the safe houses.

Each day and night, she brings two strolls in the field close to her back home.

Little dogs run there and get along quite well. The young lady truly wants to move into a confidential house soon.

His home is his own palace, his own space. It would be great in the event that the populace took the young doggies living in the city of their area. Consequently, little dogs in their area would have homes.

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