Hug-loving dog who always gives hugs when saying goodbyes

Rex is a sweet dog with an extraordinary limit with regards to learning. The canine has a talent for dealing with his preparation orders to the point that he utilizes his abilities by additionally preparing his family to get embraces farewell.

Rex rings a bell to notify his parents when he wants to go for a walk; he regularly lays his paws on the bed to wake them up; but the nicest skill this tiny dog taught his parents is to hug him every time they go to work.

Rex requires at least three embraces, this requires some time, yet this custom isn’t something selective that he does with his family, Rex expects embraces from each and every individual who stays with his home.

When Rex leaves, he usually delivers embraces; he enjoys showering people with affection, and he does it at the nursery as well.

There is no question that embraces have incredible worth and importance for Rex, they can’t be absent in his everyday life, and he jumps at the chance to be remembered for all that occurs around him.

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